About Us

Who I AM


Heather Oblak is a Yoga Acharya, Conscious Living Coach, Tantric Practitioner and Ascension Guide, and

the creatrix of YogEvolve in Pittsburgh. 

With a passion for experiential exploration and an unwavering commitment to Self-evolution, her mission is to support and inspire seekers to allow their inner knowing to guide their path of awakening and transformation. Her calm presence and deep engagement promote self-discovery and reconnection with one’s inner source of wisdom and power. 

Drawing from the yoga traditions of Krishnamacharya, Isha, and the Bihar School of Yoga, her approach focuses on the breath as the pathway to union of mind-body and masculine-feminine energies. Weaving timeless wisdom and philosophy with practice, she invites practitioners to explore the dimensions of their lived experience, lean into the unfamiliar, and allow their awareness to open to new possibilities for living and thriving. 

Rooted in Heather’s deep, practical understanding of the spiritual awakening process and her 23 years of experience in applied mind-body-energy practices, her offerings are designed to empower seekers to cultivate a conscious heart-centered relationship with their Sacred Self -- so that in each moment they are moving closer towards embodying their innermost BEing and living a life of vitality, authenticity, passion, purpose and Presence.